Kaneda's Bike from Bandai
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A new full-sized replica of Kaneda's Powerbike was displayed at the 2004 Shizuoka Hobby
Show in Japan. Made officially by Bandai, I assume it's a working model (though not to the
specifications that Kaneda/Tetsuo describe in the film).

For us mere mortals, we can savour a little bit of the powerbike dream with the new Bandai
collector's toy "Soul of Popynica" 1/12 scale (200mm in size) The detailing is impressive-
I think that the components are actually made of metal. This might justify the US$75.00
(GB£40.00) price tag. Released in July 2004.

Left Side View 1
Left Side View 1

Left Side View 2

Left Side View 2

Right Side View

Close-up of the panel display

Bandai Collector's Toy 1

Bird's Eye View

Bandai Collector's Toy 2



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