Kaneda's Bike 'Spec' 2
The following picture was made by Darryl Jolly from the UK, using AutoCAD. It's the most detailed
picture we have so far and Darryl based his measurments on the bike picture from the DVD cover
and the pics here on BBAKIRA from the DVD content as supplied by a fellow fan.

Here are some words from Darryl regarding the picture:

The scale of the bike could be made larger than the dimentions here, the only limitations I've found
so far are the size of the tires and wheels. The biggest tire I've seen so far is a low profile 22".
But if someone were to use a stock tire off of a Harley, something like a 130/90-HB16 73H
thats on the XL 883R Sportster or a 180/55-ZR18 74W thats on the V-Rod, I think that they could
be pretty accurate to the original scale.
I plan to take a few motorcycle and welding classes at one of the local tech schools this summer
so, sometime later this year I'll start plans on the chassis and other components. Until that time, I'll
study some design books, so this is probably the last blueprint I'll be sending for a few months.

Bike Spec 2



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