In this section you will find both video and audio clips from the Akira movie/
soundtrack. I hope to include video clips from the DVD but this will be
sometime down the line.

Video clips will include memorable parts from the movie, and fan-made music
videos! I currently have several Akira music videos made by other fans and
after seeking their permission, they will be displayed here.

Audio clips will be in the form of:
Quotes, taken directly from the movie,
Excerpts from the Original Japanese Soundtrack CD (OST).

I haven't recorded the full tracks from the CD as they are very long (up to 12:36
mins) and the file size would be very large even in MP3 format.
Other clips, where specified, are from the regular Akira Soundtrack CD which
comprised of 12 tracks. Come here for the Akira AUDIO PAGE


Music Video

Around late 2000 I made my own Akira Fan Music video. So my media degree
wasn't wasted :p
I love the band Dearly Beheaded and the song 'Witness' is my favourite. I chose
it because it really seemed to describe Tetsuo's condition and part of the theme
of Akira- Power and Strength.
What I've attempted to show is the build up of Tetsuo's power by initially depicting
the strength of others. As the song progresses, so does Tetsuo's power and he
has ultimate control.
I'm very pleased with it although some 'dark' parts are a little too dark on the MOV
recording, especially the last few seconds where Tetsuo's mechanical arm is
built- trust me, it looks great on DVCAM and VHS ^__^

You can view the video in Quicktime and some specialist media players that
have suitable codecs

Thanks goes out to Dearly Beheaded and vocalist Mr Alex Creamer for
supporting this fan project


Video Still 1

Video Still 2Video Still 3

'Witness' by Dearly Beheaded

Dur: 4m 38s  10.6mb  .mov

Download Here

Video Still 4




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